Wood Products Software for Secondary Manufacturers

WoodPro InSight addresses the unique requirements of hardwood and softwood companies in the lumber and building materials industry. This industry specific system simplifies hardwood matters and addresses the complex production processes, warehousing and logistical services that manufacturers engage in to ensure demands are met. This is done through the rich features in the system.

Inventory Management: Simplifies and controls the generation of new item numbers through the item generator. The item numbers can be used to track hardwood and softwood products, as well as panels, veneers, custom milling, moulding, laminates, and plywood in a variety of Units of Measure that is specific to each product line. On-hand, in-transit, and on-order supply and demand is calculated Costs and pricing across multiple locations, customers, and suppliers can be managed as well.

Sales Management: Speeds order fulfillment with sophisticated back-to-back order processing, direct purchase orders, quick re-man, and make to order work orders. In addition, you can create sales orders within the WoodPro InSight customer service application, which can be enhanced by Prophet, a Customer Relationship Management software for Outlook.

Warehouse Management: Supports handheld devices, tag printing, and directly interfaces with PLC-enabled equipment to speed up and provide more timely and accurate inventory information. Tracks items and tags and their related costs from vendor receipt, air dry, kiln dry, and other production processes through to their final destinations.

Tag & Tally Management: Uses tag numbers, barcodes, and random length and random width tally to track and manage movement of bundles, packages, lots, and loads. Handles both gross and net tally calculations, pieces, and block tally, rescaling and drawdown methodologies, and logs. Five different log scaling methods are supported. (i.e., International, Scribner, Doyle, BC/Smalian, and User Defined formula).

Customer Relationship Management: Enhances customer service levels as throughput becomes predictable and due dates are more reliable, work-in-progress is reduced, and resources are better utilized as hidden capacity is uncovered.

User-Defined Inventory Policy: Defines essential information regarding production lead time, vendor lead-time, preferred vendor, reorder point, batching mode, and safety levels that affect inventory according to manufacturing branch or location.

Routing and Shop Floor Control: Tracks production through Resource Centers at various levels of granularity. Support for Work Orders and Repetitive (Work Orderless) manufacturing environments using transactions and/or Production Performance Metrics is available.

Production Transaction Costing: Facilitates information rationalization as rules-based accounting and costing formulas can be assigned as items move in and out of inventory.

Make to Order Environment: Ties costs (either through Quick Reman or Full Work Order back-to-back support) directly to a Sales Order rather than going through inventory.

Data Collection and Barcoding: Updates data electronically from tally machines or handheld data collection devices. Not only does this save time, but errors are also minimized.

Automatic Conversion: Converts hardwood from one unit to another. This includes logs, pieces, board feet, square feet, metric, tonnage, cubic meter, package sizes, tally, random length, random width, etc.

Bill of Materials: Uses reliable standard and multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) to manage and streamline manufacturing processes. BOM supports Phantom Assemblies and Production by automatically calculating the costs to the finished manufactured products, and the components they were manufactured from.

Detailed Forecasting: Groups supply and demand forecasting according to future material needs for different categories by any time-frame in either a summary or detailed format.