Treatment Software for Wood Preservers

WoodPro InSight’s Integrated Wood Treatment module provides real time information for wood treaters and preservers. The status of production, costs, and scheduling information associated with each stage can be easily communicated amongst your staff members. This module features the following:

Inventory Control: The supply of goods, whether treated or purchased (green), has to track demand as closely as possible. Inventory Control provides all the necessary tools and information to enable you to minimize your investment in stock and depot resources, and provide a high level of service. The system instantly provides the details against the different statuses of a product, while controlling the number of new part numbers created. It allows you to see all the information without having to look at separate part numbers—saving you time, but more importantly giving you a 360 degree view of the item.

Tags in Use Inquiry: The production stage of the various products and treatments are in are displayed in the Tags in Use Inquiry.

Recommend to Treat: This option provides the ability to generate treatment lists and subsequent purchase orders and treatment orders. It indicates whether the necessary Green is available and is used in conjunction with the Recommend to Purchase option, which recommends the various Green(s) to be purchased based upon requirements. Recommendations can come from an Inventory Policy, or a specific demand from Sales Orders.

Wood Treatment Scheduling: The scheduling process for wood treatment is streamlined such that greater visibility is provided. The schedule can be generated for different Types: Regular, or TSO. Treatments can be generated for different Tags of different dimensions, either by selecting the Individual Tags, a Range of Tags, or All Tags.

Automatic Cost Calculations: Costs are automatically calculated based on treatment.

TSO Orders: The processing and scheduling of Treatment Service Only Orders are also supported by the system.

WOODPRO CUSTOMERS: Conrad Forest Products (OR), Straits Wood Treating Inc. (MI), Holbrook Lumber Company (NY), Dateline Exports (OR) and The Quality Group (OH)