• WoodPro InSight's feature rich, enterprise Accounts Payable allows you to manage vendor relations, while streamlining the processes of entering invoices and making payments to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With WoodPro's Accrued Accounts Payable, you can streamline accruals processing workflow and collaborations between finance, purchasing and other operational units.

    The comprehensive vendor database records include multiple order-from for large national account management, sophisticated credit terms, different payment methods, specific remit-to locations and detailed supplier contact information. Through this, you can instantly drill down from vendor accounts payable transactions to the originating documents. The information you need to manage your payables is always at your fingertips.

    Improve process integration between finance and operations -- With WoodPro's Accrued Accounts Payable functionality you easily integrate the operational department's activities and processes with the financial transactions. The software functions particularly well for Lumber and Building Materials companies and enable you to do the following:

         - Manage your cash position proactively through a wide range of payment options, including electronic funds transfer (EFT).
         - Distribute expenses automatically by using preset formulas.
         - Process multiple currencies throughout the modules.
         - Make informed decisions by utilizing powerful inquiry and reporting capabilities that provide extensive visibility into performance.

    The focus of the Financial Management component is to provide the best information in the right format at the optimum time. Throughout the system, real-time simulation is featured where information is updated as soon as a transaction is entered.


  • WoodPro InSight's Accounts Payable software module is designed to handle the processing and payment of supplier invoices in an efficient manner, with a high level of control. The emphasis is placed on cash flow management, where the system tracks cash requirements and discount opportunities, and features automatic accounts payable accruals. The accruals software function works particular well for lumber, wood, logs, building materials, and transportation suppliers.

    The characteristics of the accounts payable system are similar to the accounts receivable system. A comprehensive supplier database is maintained containing all information relevant to purchasing: purchase history, supplier terms, discount opportunities, remarks, contacts, and various purchasing statistics.

    Aged payable, purchase analysis, ranking, ranking comparison and supplier performance are also available.

    Computer checks feature "quick pay", where non A/P invoices can be paid or added to other A/P checks on a check run. The Manual Check function also allows handwritten checks to be processed whenever necessary.

    The Accrued Payable Inquiry features a list of all payables that have been accrued through the Purchase Order or Order Entry truck charge section by supplier.

    Below are some additional Accounts Payable features:

    Misc Supplier Invoice Aged Payable Inquiry by Supplier Aged Payable
    Freight Accrued Payable Payable Inquiry by Due Date Ranking
    EFT Processing Accrued Payable Inquiry Ranking Report by Supplier
    Automated Clearing House Display Accrued Payable Totals Freight & Other Accrued Costs
    Payable Adjustment Check Register Inquiry Inventory Supplier Accrual