WoodPro InSight's Accounts Receivable module offers comprehensive features designed to provide management with effective control over the accounts receivable functions of their business. Through a variety of printed reports and inquiry options, valuable information concerning credit management, customer accounts, traders, and sales information can be accessed for review and analysis. These features provide the necessary tools to facilitate cash flow management, reduce bad debts, monitor trader performance and enhance customer service.

The multi-tab Windows display format enables the user to view many accounts at once. For speed and ease of use, a customer number, name or contact can be entered directly and the system will automatically scroll to that account. An unlimited number of ship-to addresses can also be maintained for each account.

Aged receivable inquiries, collection notes, sales analysis, remarks and product or price discounts for each customer also provide useful information.

The Aged Receivable Inquiry (by customer or by salesperson) feature displays detailed account balance information. Information displayed can be posted/unposted only. Unpaid invoices or all invoices and payments for the entire period of history are kept for each customer.

The Collection Notes feature facilitates the keeping of a detailed collection diary with the following information: called and promised date, amount, date and amount received (updated automatically) and comments. Collection letters can be generated directly here using the word processing software built into the program.

The Credit and Additional tabs in Customer Master Maintenance contains additional information about the customers including terms, discounts, freight, sales,customer’s aged receivable balance and other account information. There are look up feature for some of the fields for easier set up.  

Credit Management features can be accessed from the Credit Management section or directly from the Customer Master Maintenance section. Information critical to the credit granting and monitoring processes is contained here, displaying any and all credit remarks for a particular customer. There is unlimited space for remarks and over time, the diary history that is kept for each customer can be a valuable resource.

Credit information for each account including average days to pay, average days late, risk rating, Redbook rating, D&B rating, review dates, etc. are available under the Misc Tab in the Credit Management Maintenance. Printed credit reports include customers who are over their credit limit by manager or salesperson, past due date exception report, and customers scheduled for credit review.

Below are some additional Accounts Receivable features:

Short Paid Inquiries AR Summary Aged Receivable Report
Print Unauthorized Deduction Letter to Customers Receivable Open File Customer Ranking
Print Unearned Discount Letter to Customer Receivable Cash Receipts Margin Report by Salesperson
Print Balance Due Management Report Customer Short Sales Analysis