WoodPro InSight’s look and feel promotes ease of use and quick adoption:

- Integrates with familiar Microsoft Office products.
- Provides logical Work Flows in each module to help users navigate through various transaction processes.
- Provides multiple tabs for processing multi-tasking activities.
- Displays User Defined Screens that let you easily change to a different language, change field prompts to match your terminology, change colors
  to highlight special information, as well as move, hide, and secure fields.
- Allows the user to define their workplace – work flows, menus, alerts, screens tasks, inquiries, and reports.

- Supports different user language sets for the global market place.
- Utilizes Graphical User Interface elements such as menu, toolbar, drop down lists, cut and paste, and has the ability to launch other window
- Generates user defined alerts that may be triggered based on defined events.
- Uses instant messaging to help you save time and money, as questions or problems can be resolved immediately.