Bill of Materials (BOM) & Assembly & Work In Progress

The Bills of Materials (BOM), Assembly, and Work In Progress (WIP) functions help improve, maintain, and track the costs of products and materials to increase production throughput, reduce costs and meet demands. InSight also supports Work Order and Work Order-less manufacturing environments with transaction, reporting, history, and lot/tag traceability. Formula based repetitive manufacturing techniques streamline labor and overhead costing and reporting for products manufactured in high volumes. Those techniques can also be used in places where it is difficult to precisely synchronize material, labor, overhead and other subsystems to the actual production receipts.

Feedback on the value, status and availability of inventory is critical to the profitability of any enterprise. InSight supports a broad range of functionalities that help you manage Purchased and Raw Materials, Work in Process and Finished Goods Inventory. It creates inventory transactions such as production issues and receipts, and inventory transfers, which act as the foundation for on-hand balances for use in inventory, distribution and financial activities.