Prophet 5 is an Easy CRM Software for Outlook

If you are looking to purchase the best Outlook Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is available today, then you want to choose Prophet. It is made by the Avidian. The entire system is based on Microsoft Outlook and easily integrates to WoodPro InSight. It is also cost effective and will increase the profit your company makes. Use it to help organize and synchronize your customers and suppliers contact information and sales leads.

WoodPro InSight Outlook Add-Ins

In addition you can use WoodPro's Add-Ins to create sales orders, view inventory and work seamlessly within the WoodPro InSight Customer Service application.

Prophet 5 is different from other email marketing services because you control your own mailing lists and your message is sent from your own authentic email server-without Bcc:'s or a disguised From: address-making your message more likely to reach the intended box.

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