WoodPro InSight utilizes a fully integrated Document Management System that features Archive Power Systems Inc.’s powerful DocuXplorer and ScanStore’s Simple Index. It offers affordable document management software systems that give lumber and building products businesses of any size the ability to quickly find, share, and access both scanned in paper and computer-generated files from any screen within the WoodPro application. Communication to your customers and suppliers using our integrated e-mail/e-fax removes the need to print or manually fax order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, purchase orders and more.

Total Security

It is designed to comply with HIPAA, SEC, and NASD requirements concerning document privacy, security, and auditing. It tracks every action performed on a document through Document Event Logs, uses User Login to restrict access to authorized users only, and has other security features to prevent unauthorized access or modification of confidential information.

Incredibly Easy-to-Use

Manage your files through familiar Windows Explorer style interface. Files can be simply added by dragging and dropping. Formatted reports can also be created by exporting folder contents and query lists to Excel or HTM, while reports of folders list views or query list views can be printed directly from DocuXplorer.

Scan Paper Documents

Scan paper documents directly to a DocuXplorer folder, as a PDF or standard multi-page TIFF files, convert any existing documents to PDF, or merge multiple documents of any type into a single PDF.

Import Electronic Documents

Import any computer generated file from anywhere on your network to store along with scanned in paper documents.

Share and Access

Multi-user DocuXplorer Enterprise allows users to share documents. Full-text search of indexes, electronic document content, and OCR text can be performed, while documents can be directly e-mailed, faxed, or printed from DocuXplorer folders.


The powerful User/Group security system safeguards confidential data. Comprehensive “Permission Sets” allow the program's functionalities to be tailored based on the user login. In addition, Document Event Logs provide an audit trail for every event performed on a document.

More Than Just a Document Manager

DocuXplorer contains a lot more features lets you do more with your files. They let you do the following:

     - Store various types of documents
     - Annotate Image files
     - Use extended database functionality
     - Generate different reports
     - Use it in similar speed and safety of a true client/server database
     - Track document versions