Standard Forms

WoodPro offers free of charge, as part of the software implementation project, multi-part Standard Laser Forms. These are NOT pre-printed forms, but forms that are produced generically from the software, which can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from the application.

The following forms are included: Order Acknowledgments, Picking Tickets, Bill of Lading/Shipping Slips, Invoices, Customs Invoices, Pro-forma Invoices, Credit Return Authorizations, Credit Memos, Truck Booking Notifications, Purchase Orders, Vendor Returns, Re-man, Production and Assembly Work Orders – both Internal and External copies. For these forms, you can add your own logo, address details (by head office, location or branch), barcodes and boilerplate. Other features include the ability to determine whether or not to print your internal item codes on external documents, print the customer/supplier item code description on your documents, etc.

Standard Checks

WoodPro offers a variety of check styles, including Value, Premium, and Blank Check Stock.

The method of ordering preprinted checks is fairly simple and works perfectly for most businesses. Reordering them is even easier. However, there are certain times when printing checks on blank check stock just makes sense. Though using preprinted ones may seem easier, utilizing blank check stock actually gives you much more flexibility. There would be the options to print different account information, custom signatures, or change other information on the check as needed. Companies that need to have their signature on them can do so securely. This an especially helpful tool for when the signing party is away, or unable to sign them. Printing on blank check stock does require a specific type of ink, referred to as “MICR” Ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), which is for the electronic processing and clearance of checks.

To order high security, custom premium, or value checks, please click here.

Customized Forms

WoodPro also offers custom forms and checks to meet your company’s unique requirements at a rate of $75 per hour. The process of customizing forms takes time and money, so you may want to consider how much flexibility your company needs and how this will impact your implementation schedule and upgrades.