• Whether you are a wholesale distributor, lumber yard, LBM distributor, sawmill, importer, exporter, wood treater, or manufacturer, the feature rich General Ledger module is seamlessly integrated to other WoodPro InSight modules. The tight integration helps drive better decision-making, regulatory financial compliance, and optimization of business processes at the lowest cost. Other benefits are listed below:

         - Over two decades of developments and enhancements to support the demands of your organization.
         - Easy data look-up functions, along with comprehensive “drill-down and around” capabilities that link to originating documents facilitate
           transactional and analytical inquiries.
         - Robust user security features enable administrators to maintain control and provide access to the right people, delivering the financial
           integrity you need and trust.
         - Multi-currency functionality for global operations.
         - Multi-entity consolidation and reporting for multiple legal company identities.
         - Electronic bank statement integration facilitates automatic bank account reconciliation.
         - Financial reporting gives you the flexibility to compare performance against budgets by branch/organization unit and profit/cost center.
         - Comprehensive allocations from any ledger to multiple accounts is available for more efficient closing.


  • The WoodPro General Ledger module has advanced software features that are designed for the lumber and building materials industry. It allows you to create flexible financial models that is is easy to use. All other WoodPro InSight modules are linked to this module.

    User Workflows and Menus are available to control access and security, as well as promote ease of use on an individual level. The chart of accounts is where you can define multiple reporting elements, including profit centers, branches and reporting centers. The accounts with user defined sub-ledger accounts compliment the financial analysis.

    The system provides multiple profit centers and company branches with complete financial analysis for each. A variety of different journal entries are available including regular journal entries, recurring journal entries, reversing journal entries and year-end adjusting entries.

    General Ledger Consolidation

    The General Ledger's built in Consolidation module meets the needs of companies requiring a sophisticated tool to consolidate financial statements for multiple entities. It includes support for multiple currency conversions, multiple account periods, and modules consolidation across Local and Wide Area networks. It also allows you to define the level of detail for consolidation and includes comprehensive audit trails and financial statement reporting tools.

    Sophisticated Inter-Company Transactions

    WoodPro Insight handles sophisticated inter-company transactions, including inter-company fund transfersinter-company inventory transfers orders, inventory inquiries, sales, purchases, expenses, and cost allocations.

    Bank Reconciliation

    Bank Reconciliations are easily facilitated with the bank reconciliation feature, which keeps track of all outstanding checks and deposits, and posts all adjustments from the bank statement directly to the general ledger.

    Inquiries & Reports

    General Ledger inquiries include Account Inquiry, Document Inquiry, Source Inquiry, and Full Inquiry. Audit trails are well documented and easy to follow through with the inquiries or printed reports. A variety of reports in both detailed and summarized formats can be printed including Trail Balances, Worksheets and Working Papers.

    Financial Statement Formatting

    Many options available in the Financial Statement Formatting section allow you to custom design and print your own financial statements. Statement information can include budget or prior-year figures and variances, forecasts and notes. This information can be organized into current period, year-to-date, quarterly or yearly total, and analyzed by ratio or variance analysis. All prior-year, budget and current information can also be transferred to a spreadsheet format.