Lumber & Building Materials Software for Importers & Exporters

Moving goods across borders is traditionally complex and costly. Our WoodPro InSight software facilitates and simplifies critical business processes for importers and exporters in the lumber and building materials industry. From order initiation through to delivery and settlement, the movement of goods is pro-actively monitored and tracked; documentation is generated and distributed in compliance with your business rules. The system helps you reduce costs, improve customer service, and improve global movement of goods and information in the following ways:

    - Reduce transportation costs by consolidating cargo
    - Enable intelligent sourcing decisions by calculating accurate landed costs
    - Reduce administrative and support costs by centralizing and sharing transportation and trade data
    - Convert to any currency desired instantaneously to facilitate global transactions
    - Improve customer service through on-time delivery by reducing delays
    - Improve ability to efficiently handle high volume during peak seasons
    - Increases visibility of activities associated with importing and exporting
    - Provides all-inclusive database of pre-classified parts and products
    - Supports multi-leg, multi-mode receiving and consolidation of inventory - supplier to port, port to factory, supplier to customer receipts, and
    - Consolidates multiple sales order by location
    - Generates business alerts to help reduce delays and ensure shipments stay on track

WOODPRO CUSTOMERS: Dakeryn Industries Ltd. (BC), Holland Imports Inc. (BC) and Conifex Timber Inc. (BC)