WoodPro InSight's Inventory Management software module handles wood, lumber, and building products, and offers advanced functions for sophisticated multi-location (reload) operations. The system keeps detailed current and historical information and features inquiry at a glance in a wide range of formats and details. Lumber tally and packages are also featured throughout this system.

The Item Master allows you to maintain information for each item including the dimensions of the item and the units used when stocking, pricing, purchasing, etc. The Location Inquiry of the Item Master displays information by location regarding quantity available, on hand, committed, on order, and rolling. The cascading windows format allows you to "drill deeper" in to each selected function. Detailed information on product packages is also readily available.

The Inventory Available Inquiry provides complete details and status for each inventory item. Available inquiries include General, Category, Cross Reference, Location, Lot, Sales History, and Price.

The Sales History Inquiry by Customer lists the sales, costs, gross margin, and gross margin percentage for each item for each Customer.

The Inventory History Inquiry by Item displays the details that affect inventory movement and procurement for each inventory item. Transactions occurring in Order Entry, Purchase Orders, and Remanufacturing will be located in the History. Additionally, any inventory transfers or adjustments will also be contained here to enable the user to easily inquire into every aspect of the item. The Inventory History Inquiry can also be sorted and displayed by Customer or Trader.

The Package Inquiry displays all packages and sizes that are currently available for the item selected and shows lot/tag details line by line. Details on committed packages for each lot number are available.

Below are some additional Inventory Management features:

Inventory Available Inquiry by Location Sales History Inquiry by Item Sales History Report by Item
Inventory Available Inquiry by Product Line Sales history Inquiry by Customer Sales History Report by Customer
Custom Pricing Monthly Sales History Inquiry By Customer with Comparison Inventory Available Report 
Stock Taking Inventory Value with Sales Inquiry Reorder Report
Inventory Adjustment Sales Analysis by Salesperson Inventory Tag Report by Location
Loaded Cost Averaging Aging Inventory by Buyer On Hand By Status
Bin Transfers and Putaways Sales Summary By Salesperson Inventory Long/Short Report
Bin Inquiry Purchase Summary Inquiry by Buyer Stock Status Report by Buyer
Production Processing Special Order Item Value Inquiry Purchasing Worksheet Report
Tag/Lot Processing Group - Sales Analysis Inquiry Item Type Listing with Cost