Point of Sale Processing

In addition to the the core modules in WoodPro InSight, the Point of Sale (POS) Module enables Lumber & Building Materials retailers, distributors and dealers to efficiently handle transactions such as POS, counter sales, cash sales, member sales, and on account sales. The system interfaces with barcode scanners and merchant debit and credit card terminals. It accepts payments made by cash, on account, or by credit cards. The touch screen, keyboard, and mouse interface is available for simplified use.

To minimize downtime, WoodPro’s standalone application continues to process transactions when the connection is lost due to hardware, database, and network/LAN/Wan connectivity problems. The application automatically synchronizes with the back end database when the connection is regained.

Bidding & Job Control

The Bidding and Job Control Module is also available to assist with sales to contractors. This application is fully integrated into WoodPro's Financial and Lumber Management suite. With this module, you can eliminate redundant work, implement standardized processes allows that for scalability, and build consistency into everything you do. Measurable efficiency gains can be done throughout every phase of the project.

Bid Processing: A place where all estimating, bidding, and job control activities originate. You can easily build a work plan and cost estimate for a job at any level of detail. This includes unlimited cost break down sections, detailed take-offs by sections, recaps by item, user defined item groupings, bid summaries, and much more.

Job Processing: Job Tracking, Change Control, Credit Management, Lien Management, Contact Management, Procurement, Shipping and Invoicing, and Transportation can be immediately accessed.

Proposal Management: Proposals can be priced using various methods in determining costs, profit, and margins. Proposals, Order Acceptances and Confirmations can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from Bid Processing. Bid summaries, section summaries, recaps and line by lines can be generated.

Bidding Jobs & Project Management: Up-to-date information relating to different bids and projects can be accessed and evaluated for opportunities that maximize your profit.

Tracking System: Costs and deliveries can be tracked to virtually any level.

Form Generation: Transportation and delivery documents, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, and Lien Releases for partial or final payments for work performed are generated with ease.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Conversations with Contractors, Lending Institutions, Property Owners and others can be tracked using the integrated Contact Management.

Check out the Bidding and Job Control for more information on the Bidding and Job Control module.

Client Testimonials: Building Products Plus (TX), Manion Wholesale Building Supplies (WI), Cascade Lumber, Inc. (WA), Matheus Lumber Co. Inc. (WA), Idaho Pacific Lumber Co. (ID), Bayou City Lumber Co. Inc. (TX), and Dakeryn Industries Ltd. (BC).