For organizations that don’t normally carry the lumber and building materials inventory onsite, but sells them through reloads or directly from the supplier to builders, contractors or end customers, WoodPro InSight can help you manage all your business transactions.

Sales Order Processing: Direct (back-to-back) sales allows you to generate a back to back purchase order directly from the Sales Order Maintenance or link a sales order to an existing purchase. Handles dimensional and panel products as well. Items can be conveniently bought in one unit and sold in another since they system handles units of measure conversions including Pieces, Random Length, Random Width, Board Feet, Linear Feet, Square Feet, Cubic Meter, etc.

Logistics: WoodPro also allows the user to produce shipping documentation, calculate and spread freight and other costs across multiple orders, including drop charges and fuel surcharges. Multiple Freight Transportation options for truck, rail and ocean are also available.

Lumber Tally Calculations: The lumber tally calculator features facilitate your sales order. processing. When tallies of random length items are entered, the quantity ordered can calculated automatically in lineal or board feet.

The Specific Length feature provides for the selection of individual lengths. The screen displays the quantity available, the average cost and suggested selling price of each length. As you enter the amount, the total quantity ordered is updated and the cost and selling price of the selected items are calculated.

Our system has a few different ways of handling softwood and hardwood lumber tally. Below are five examples.

1) Softwood Tally Calculator With Options for Tally Type
2) Tally Calculator Using Pieces/Pack Size Example
3) Forecast Tally Calculator With Recommend Selling Prices Based on Random Length Price Table and With the Ability to Predicts Future Availability
4) Hardwood Lumber Tally (Random Widths and Random Lengths) Using Piece Counts
5) Hardwood Tally Using Layers With Mill Quantities and Calculated Quantities by Layer

Electronic Documents: To speed up order fulfillment, a pick ticket/pull card can be conveniently printed, fax, or e-mailed to warehouses or reload staff members for picking and packing. Printed orders can be easily confirmed to invoices. Other documents such as Gross Margin Prep Sheets, Custom Invoices, and Dispatch Tickets can all be generated with a few clicks.

Mills Direct: Mill information is also available for customers who require a specific grade from certain mills. Inventory can be sent directly from reload facilities or from sawmills directly. This saves overhead costs associated with having your own inventory in a warehouse facility.

Accounting: A unified data model provides a single accurate, real-time view of all your accounting information, including general ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and financial statements. Data details can be seen through drill down capabilities, inquiry functions, and detailed reports for strategic cost analysis.

WoodPro Customers: Idaho Pacific Lumber Company (ID), Matheus Lumber (WA), Vaughan & Sons Inc. (TX), and J & H Forest Products (ID)