Lumber Software for Remanufacturers

WoodPro InSight's remanufacturing module is designed to simplify and streamline your business processes for both hardwood and softwood lumber, as well as engineered wood products. Its supports tagged and untagged product types, tracks internal production processes and costs, subcontracted costs, freight costs, as well as increases accuracy and efficiency by utilizing barcode and data collection devices. Accurate and timely information such as stock levels and work in progress helps ensure you will be able to meet demand, and provide a high level of customer service.

Flexibility: All types of reman activities can be handled. They include resawing, planing, specialty drying, cut-stock, blanks, structural wood members, milling activities, custom processing and more. Automatically calculates outputs in multiple units of measure (pieces, board feet, square feet, package or units sizes, random lengths/random widths tallies) as you cut lumber to length, rip it to width, resaw it for thickness or plane wood to finished dimensions.

Bill of Materials (BOM), Assembly & Work In Progress: The Bills of Materials (BOM), Assembly and Work In Progress (WIP) functions help improve, maintain, and track the costs of products and materials to increase production throughput, provide information to help you find ways to reduce costs, and meet demands. InSight also supports Work Order and Work Order-less manufacturing environments with transaction, reporting, history, and lot/tag traceability. Formula based repetitive manufacturing techniques streamline labor and overhead costing and reporting for products manufactured in high volumes, and/or where it is difficult to precisely synchronize material, labor, overhead and other subsystems to the actual production receipts.

Feedback on the value, status and availability of inventory is critical to the profitability of any enterprise. InSight supports a broad range of functionalities that help you to manage Purchased and Raw Material, Work in Process and Finished Goods Inventory. It creates inventory transactions for such items as production issues, production receipts, work order issues and receipts, and inventory transfers to act as the foundation for on-hand balances for use in inventory, distribution and financial activities.

Reduce Order Processing Time: Work Orders can be generated directly from Sales Order Entry, so that no additional time is needed to manually transfer the information.

Reman Templates: Templates can be used to streamline the creation of Work Orders by automatically calculating the input and output quantities and costs, including production processes, labor and overhead costs.

Engineered Wood Cutting System: Available lengths are automatically matched against in the system, with the ability to override recommendation, return to stock and record wastage.

Job Planning: With the market value of the output products entered, you can use it to plan jobs in accordance with company policy. Profit potential information based on current conditions will be readily available, allowing you to decide which jobs will help you optimize your return.

WOODPRO CUSTOMERS: Western Valley Cutstock Inc. (OR), Building Products Plus (TX), Forest Plywood (CA), Elk Creek Forest Products LLC (OR) and Belco Forest Products (WA)