WoodPro offers an integrated payroll software solution for the US Lumber and Building Materials Marketplace called CenterPoint® Payroll by Red Wing Software, Inc.

Designed to be Second Nature Payroll Software

CenterPoint Payroll is designed to be easy for users to understand how to set up employees, enter time, and run reports. Time-saving features allow you to spend less time in the office.

Easy Setup

Standard tools and wizards are available to help you set up your payroll software correctly and easily right from the start.

Beyond the Basic Payroll

A wide range of additional tools is available to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate information access.

Project Tracking Capability Keeps your projects on budget
Reminders Ensures timely payments and avoid costly penalties fees
Multiple Screen Viewing Processes using multiple screens for extra convenience
Bilingual Check Stubs Generates pay stubs in an unlimited number of languages
Customizable User Interface Sets up "Quick List" to display those menu selections frequently used
Employee Documents Storage Stores variety of employee specific information such as photos, resume, W4, etc.

Automated Generation of State and Federal Tax Forms

State and federal tax forms can be automatically generated, for the system will fill out all the necessary information for you. You can then choose to print it or eFile the forms directly from your system.

Powerful Payroll Options

Powerful payroll options that is included in the system for you to choose from are direct deposit, time entry, and time clock support. All updates to state and federal forms and tables are provided, along with flexible e-Filing options.

The flexibility your company needs is available, since you can set up an unlimited number of companies, employers, users, and user defined fields within a database. Also, an unlimited amount history can be saved.

ACH Direct Deposit

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Deposit option allows payments to employees be electronically transferred directly into their bank accounts and provide them with pay information on white stock paper. While some banks use the ACH Direct Deposit option as designed, other banks transfer the funds into the employee's account directly. The program can handle a combination of electronic transfers, manual transfers, or actual check printing to fit all of your employees' needs.

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