Order Entry and Invoicing Features

WoodPro InSight's Order Entry/Invoicing module provides fast, efficient order processing with a high level of control and accuracy. The advanced features of this module include  lumber specific and building materials software features for handling unit conversion, lumber tallies, bundles, pieces, packages, and back-to-back sales orders. Freight costs are tracked throughout the system and can be used to reduce discounts offered to customers.

WoodPro InSight uses a multiple tab display, which enables the user to view many orders at once, as well as speed up data entry. The Sales Order Maintenance screen displays various information related to customer concerns. This includes credit limit, status, amount owing and its aging period, order status, shipping status, and notes or comments. A new order may be generated directly from a previous order by using the Copy feature. This time saving feature will copy all information from a previous order, including back-to-back and direct orders, as well as direct to a new order. Rather than re-entering a similar order from scratch, only changes need to be made.

In addition to the standard sold to/ship to address, the module provides an origin/destination tab for entering additional transportation details. The Miscellaneous button allows users to inquire about the aged receivables and credit. Information about aged balance, sales history, and remarks by each customer is also available.

Sales Orders, Bill of Lading and Invoices can be printed, faxed and emailed directly from the screen.

The Quotation Maintenance has full quotation functionality. A quote can be created, maintained, and sent to a customer for approval without affecting the quantity level of the Inventory on Hand. If it is a multi-stage release, the quote can remain open and be drawn upon, with only the required items and quantities shipped as directed by the customer. The Transfer Maintenance then converts those shipments into Sales Orders with a direct link back to the original quote. Full reporting is also included with a Quoted vs. Shipped detail along with full inquiry capability.

The Daily Route Maintenance assists with the assembling of truckloads based on the weight of the orders and the maximum truck capacity. The orders are organized for delivery according to Delivery Zone. If the weight exceeds the truck maximum, it is displayed in red. A complete history details the deliveries made with a direct link to the appropriate Bill of Lading.

Below are some additional Sales Management features:

Customer Service
Inventory Available for Sale
Sales Order Detail Listing
Quotation Processing
Inventory Available by Item
Sales By Buyer by Vendor
Customer GM Analysis
Random Length Inventory Available Inquiry
Sales Profitability
Tally Calculator
Sales Order Inquiry by Item
UPC Label by Item
Cash Sales Processing
Sales Order Inquiry by Customer
Product Analysis Code Report
Invoice Maintenance
Sales Order Inquiry by Delivery Date
Picking Statistics Report
Multi-Ship Sales Order
Sales Order Special Item Inquiry

Scheduled Order
Sales Invoice Fax/Email Inquiry

Shipping Schedule and Route Planning
Back to Back Sales Without Purchase Inquiry

Bid Processing Inventory Sales Inquiry

Job Control Processing