Reduce Manufacturing Costs Through Increased Efficiency and Maximize the Use of Resources

Hardwood and Softwood Manufacturers must constantly look for ways to increase quality, speed of production, and reduce costs. The underlying goal of WoodPro's software products and services for forest products companies is to reduce manufacturing costs, through increased efficiency and maximize the use of resources. Seamless flow of information through all levels of your organization is created to help you achieve your manufacturing objectives such as producing high quality products, meeting production schedules, lowering cost of production, and improving productivity. This is accomplished by creating or adapting processing technology and customizing it to meet individual customer’s manufacturing capabilities and criteria that enable you to do the following:

     - Utilize barcoding technology and specialized printers.
     - Generate and scan tags using ruggedized PCs, Tablets, Ipads and other handheld devices that automatically update
        inventory and work in progress (WIP). WIP is reman work order that has been finished but not posted yet.
     - Interface with existing machine and PLC Controllers.
     - Track costs including material, labor, machine center, work center, subcontract, freight, and other miscellaneous rates.
     - View reports regarding internal Production performance metrics and statistics (production, downtime, transit, wastage, rejects, bi-products, user
       defined parameters, by work center, machine, skill group, operator, by Run, by Production Order, by day or user defined periods.
     - Optimize the flow of materials through internal and external supply chain via Production and Replenishment Schedules and recommendations.
     - View MRP recommendation for purchased and manufactured items.
     - Eliminate non-value-added efforts with performance metrics.
     - Manage fluctuating customer demands with better resource allocation, forecast consumption and replenishment strategies designed to
        eliminate production bottlenecks and the production or purchase of wrong items.

Feedback on the value, status and availability of inventory is critical to the profitability of any enterprise. WoodPro InSight supports a broad range of functionality to manage Purchased and Raw Materials, Work in Process and Finished Goods Inventory. It creates inventory transactions such as production issues and receipts, and inventory transfers, which act as the foundation for on-hand balances for use in inventory, distribution and financial activities. Costing methods supported include Weighted Average Cost, Actual Costs, Standard Costs and Variance analysis in perpetual real-time inventory environment, or a Hybrid Inventory environment of real time Inventory Quantity movements with Periodic Inventory Costing Methodology.

Bill of Materials (BOM) & Assembly & Work In Progress

The Bills of Materials (BOM), Assembly, and Work In Progress (WIP) functions help improve, maintain, and track the costs of products and materials to increase production throughput, reduce costs and meet demands. InSight also supports Work Order and Work Order-less manufacturing environments with transaction, reporting, history, and lot/tag traceability. Formula based repetitive manufacturing techniques streamline labor and overhead costing and reporting for products manufactured in high volumes. Those techniques can also be used in places where it is difficult to precisely synchronize material, labor, overhead and other subsystems to the actual production receipts.

Products Data Management

Define an item by user-defined attributes using our industry best Product Data Management capabilities. Using formula based Item Types, Bill of Materials, Routes and Standard Operations, WoodPro InSight's Manufacturing module provides flexible tools to control and monitor manufacturing activities and costs.

Enhance and Extend Your Manufacturing Solutions

To support any combination of manufacturing methods and unique requirements, WoodPro Software Inc. provides additional manufacturing solutions that fully integrate with WoodPro InSight.

The Visual Planner - The Planner has all the visual features and impact of a manual planning board, combined with the speed, utility, and smarts of a sophisticated workstation. Staff already familiar with Windows will find it especially easy to use and understand.

Barcoding and Data Collection - Data can be updated electronically from tally machines or handheld data collection devices. Not only does this save time, but errors are also minimized. Support for Barcode printing and handheld devices are part of WoodPro software's internally design data collection solution. This application can be easily modified to accommodate your specific requirements.