Improve Operational Efficiency With WoodPro's Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management system integrates with WoodPro Software’s ERP system, WoodPro InSight, to give you a complete picture of how your inventory flows. It provides the visibility for improving operational efficiency by enabling you to manage and automate your inventory control, shipping and receiving, customer order fulfillment process in warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities. Warehouse Management is supported through industry standard hardware (Ruggedized PCS, Ruggedized Tablets, Handheld Scanning devices and Specialty Printers) and generic and customized applications (QuickTally, OrderTag etc.). They speed up and provide more timely and accurate inventory information. Tracks items and tags and their related costs from vendor receipt, air dry, kiln dry, and other production processes through to their final destinations.

Real-time access to inventory in a single or multiple locations, information about order status, potential mis-shipments, and knowledge of the location of the items within the warehouse contribute to timely delivery of items to customers. When items are delivered quickly, invoices can be sent out right away, thereby reducing late invoices and speeding up the receipt of customer payments.