• Meet Our Teams

    Our people are the key to our success. We want you to feel comfortable when you call our office for assistance and trust that our staff will be ready, willing, and able to help you resolve your issues. We are committed to providing lasting benefits and support and building long-term relationships with our clients. Our teams collaborate with clients to bring unparalleled experience in the development, implementation, and deployment of advanced solutions. Our comprehensive understanding of industry and business processes, broad software technology expertise, and proven track record enable us to assist our clients in realizing their strategic business goals and objectives.

    Management Team


      Lawrence Wong, BSc
      Chief Executive Officer
      Chief Technology Architect
      Email: lwong@woodprosoftware.com

    Since 1989, I have been the CEO and chief technology architect of WoodPro Software Inc. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan. My passion with numbers and technology is reflected in the career path I have chosen. Having been in the computing and accounting industry for over 25 years, my team and I have been privileged to bring the latest state-of-the art technologies to help many businesses in the lumber and building materials community. As the chief technology architect, I collaborate with our clients, as well as, our development team to define and implement critical new product development processes, with the objective of more efficient product delivery. Thus, I am proud that WoodPro was the first to offer integrated business management software that combines stable and flexible Microsoft Visual Basic, secure MS SQL Server technology, and powerful C# .Net Framework to the lumber products community. I am dedicated, not only in providing the latest technology, but also in delivering superior customer ownership experience, low cost development, responsive customer service, and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


      David Goulet
      Vice President of Sales and Marketing
      Email: dgoulet@woodprosoftware.com

    What drew you to WoodPro as a place to work?

    WoodPro is a very technology-focused organization. They are engineers, not salespeople; they are very intelligent, with a passion and a commitment to the work they do for their clients (customers). WoodPro offered me a role in articulating this fire to the Lumber and Building Products marketplace. I like to work hard and continually learn new things. This was a role that literally could take me anywhere, and was where I could write my own job description. I’m still amazed by the amount of responsibility and autonomy WoodPro gives its staff to do great things.

    What's your "Big Picture" agenda?

    From a business perspective, I spend my time doing three core things: evangelizing and driving the adoption and success of WoodPro's products in the marketplace; building and developing our Sales and Marketing team; and defining the vision, strategy and creation of our new products. Over time, I realize that there is no such thing as the world – there are only people. What I want in my life – everybody wants - is to be content. We look to our leaders, governments, institutions and relationships to make the world a better place. But I have realized that change begins within me.

    What do you want to do next?

    Our next version of WoodPro Insight will, in many ways, change the Lumber Software marketplace. I want to have a significant role in the WoodPro adoption, and through it help our customers journey through at least a few versions.


      Sylvia Du, M.Sc. & B.Sc. 
      Vice President of Operations
      Email: sdu@woodprosoftware.com

    Before I came to WoodPro, I obtained a Master's of Science Degree in Computing Science from Hamburg University, Germany. I also worked at an intellectual properties law firm called Liu Shen & Associates in Bejing, China, as a Patent Agent specializing in computer technology. I have been a part of Woodpro's support and development team for over six years. They encourage personal and professional growth by giving their employees opportunities to utilize many of their skills to support a variety of clients. Over the years, I have acquired in-depth knowledge of WoodPro’s products and their applications, which has enabled me to provide insightful solutions to problems, as well as manage the support and development team with pride. As clients' needs change, I help ensure that each of their unique customization requirements are met promptly. Some of the projects that I have enjoyed collaborating on include the design and development of the Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Job Control modules for our WoodPro 2000 system.


    Joyce Wong, CGA & BBA 
      General Manager
      Email: jwong@woodprosoftware.com

  •              Sales & Marketing Team

                                       Angela Siu, 

                                 Sales & Marketing Assistant

                                  Phone: 800-755-2402 ext. 230

                                               E-mail: asiu@woodprosoftware.com         


                    Monica Figueroa

                  Sales & Marketing Assistant
                  Phone: 800-755-2402 ext. 236

                             E-mail: mfigueroa@woodprosoftware.com       

  • Senior Development & Quality Control Team

    Abel Huang, B.Sc
    Development Manager
    Senior Systems Analyst

    Prior to WoodPro, I spent four years as an automation system supervisor for Steel Corp, Wuhan China. In 2000, I joined WoodPro because I wanted to work for a technology company that would allow me to apply my skills as a computer programmer and learn new technologies. During my years at WoodPro, I have had many opportunities to apply and develop new skills. My responsibilities include performing systems analysis, ensuring the delivery of customer software specifications, and testing and implementing IT applications. I am very excited and privileged to be the project leader for the .NET software development team. Leading edge .NET Framework technology, as well as C# language, is used to provide lumber and building materials companies with higher performance business management tools.

    Lancy Jiang B.Sc
    Senior Systems Analyst

    After graduating with a Bachelor in Computing Science, I worked for two years at Guan Jing Software Inc. In 2002, I joined WoodPro’s development team because I knew they would have many opportunities for personal and professional growth. My responsibilities include designing, coding, debugging, documenting, and supporting computer applications tools that are consistent with established specifications and business requirements. I also played a key role in the development of our hardwood manufacturing module.

    Working here has had its challenges and rewards. WoodPro cares and values long-term relationships with its employees and clients. Our team goes to great lengths to make sure that all of our clients' business requirements are met through our customization process.


    Emily Peng, B.Acc.
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Senior Accountant

    After obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting, I worked for four years at Wuhan Taihe Clothing Co. as an accountant and a manager. In 2001, I joined WoodPro Software, Inc. and have been responsible for providing product support through the analysis and verification of software defects to determine validity and clarification for the accounting modules. Evaluating systems is also something that I do in detail. Conducting quality assurance activities that are based on policies, procedures, and standards are important to me. Our clients can be confident of the level of integrity and accuracy of the accounting functions. I enjoy working closely with our Support and Development Manager to co-ordinate tasks and ensure the financial and accounting customization specification requests from our clients are met.

    Louisa Gao, B.Acc.
    Assistant Quality Assurance Manager
    Senior Accountant

    Prior to WoodPro, I was an accountant for a combined four years at Coca-Cola Corp.and I-Fong High Tech Corp. My education consists of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from an established university. At WoodPro, I am part of a dedicated team verifying and validating a variety of features including those for the financial management and accounting modules.

    April Zhou, B.Acc.
    Senior Quality Assurance Analyst
    Senior Accountant

    Upon successful graduation from Wuhan University with a degree in accounting, I worked at the corporate office of MacDonald’s Corporation in Wuhan. There, I acquired valuable experience and many transferable skills while I was assisting the Chief Accountant. I processed documents concerning daily transactions, prepared financial reports, as well as maintained POS systems for 10 franchise locations. In 2003, I joined the LG office in Wuhan, China as an Accounts Receivable Accountant. There, I prepared and analyzed month end reports, tracked overdue accounts, resolved billing issues, and cleared and corrected accounts. In 2006, I joined the WoodPro team as one of the quality assurance analysts, where I conduct quality assurance of the financial modules by ensuring the development team follows through with the processes and deliverables on various customization projects and facilitate with the resolution of deficiencies or compliance issues.